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  • Sat

    DeadPan String Band

    Approx. 3pm

    Lillian Chase and the Deadpan String Band – A 16-year-old from the mountains of Western North Carolina, Lillian Chase first picked up a fiddle at age 6. This sixth-generation Asheville area native took to old-time music and classical violin, learning them simultaneously. Chase plays frequently with her 14-year-old sister, Sara Nell Chase, and they recently formed the Deadpan Stringband with musician Shane Elliott. These award-winning musicians shine when they weave harmony vocals and fiddles on stages like Merlefest and Song of the Mountains, and all three are multi-instrumentalists, though Shane takes banjo and Sara Nell plays stand-up bass in the band. Expect to hear old-time tunes with Irish roots, and learn a bit of history about the music, including who they learned the tunes from — a big part of traditional music is learning tunes by ear from other musicians, and the band members have studied widely. 


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