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  • Sat

    The Old Chevrolet Set with D.W. Doucet

    8pm - $5 Entry

    THE OLD CHEVROLET SET – Our main attraction ain’t no Jet-Set band! Parrish Ellis and Laura Blackley perform old-school country duets (and play guitars) a la George and Tammy, Gram and Emmylou, and Loretta and Conway. Tom Pittman (host of WNCW’s Country Gold) plays pedal steel and the band is rounded out by a solid rhythm section comprised of Stephen Frankel on bass and Nate Pusateri on drums. Vocal harmonies swimming in pedal steel that you can dance to. George and Tammy would be proud.

    Laura Blackley – Gtr & Vocals
    Parrish Ellis – Lead Gtr & Vocals
    Tom Pittman – Pedal Steel
    Nate Pusiteri – Drums
    Stephen Frankel – Bass



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    Opening the show is D.W. DOUCET – Mainly a punk rock musician throughout his early teens, D.W. found his inspiration for folk and blues music through first listening to Tom Waits while traveling through Death Valley with his father.Eventually finding comfort in playing as a one man band. D.W. found some chains on the side of the road which he wraps around his left foot to stomp. An old 1950’s racing stripe suitcase, and an anvil made from a railroad track.. His music is from the heart of ghost towns, howling trains, and seeking peace and redemption by the riverside.



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